[K12OSN] dvd ver

Petre Scheie petre at maltzen.net
Fri Jun 10 20:01:48 UTC 2005

I'm not sure there are enough of us wanting to pull down the ISO files at the same time 
to see much benefit from a torrent.  Not that it's not a cool idea, but I doubt we'd see 
much improvement in download time compared to just pulling it via ftp from the regular 
mirrors.  OTOH, it doesn't hurt to try and I'd love to be proven wrong. ;-)


Shawn Powers wrote:
> steve gilmore wrote:
>> If anyone is interested , I made a dvd ver of 4.2.1fc3. I can upload 
>> it to an ftp site for everyones use if someone's interested to host it.
> If you make a torrent out of it, I'll seed it...  Do we (the K12LTSP 
> community) have an official bittorrent tracker?  If not, shouldn't we?
> -Shawn

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