[K12OSN] Web Based Email

Brian Chivers brian at portsmouth-college.ac.uk
Sat Jun 11 10:42:35 UTC 2005

Sudev Barar wrote:

>On Fri, 2005-06-10 at 15:58 -0400, John Warf wrote:
>>We are currently looking at going away from POP3 email to a web based  
>>solution.  Anyone have any good suggestions for a server program that  
>>is free or low cost.  Below are things that I would love to have  
>After seeing all the replies my $0.02 worth....
>Already included in the k12 is squirrelmail / webmail. On the K12 server
>we enabled apache, dovecot, sendmail and configured fetchmail to collect
>mail from our internet mail server as well as from individual users POP
>accounts (if they wish). Users are able to use evolution / kmail as
>independent mail clients or firefox / mozilla as webmail client. All
>this is running with load level rarely going high and slowing down the
>I am using the same server (CPU=AMD64 Mem=2GB Drive=2xSCSIxRAID1
>NIC=100Mbps) to serve 35~30 concurrent terminals for office applications
>as well as mail / intranet (although very minimal) service. Earlier we
>had a single CPU Intel2.8Mhz on 865 mother board for the same location
>but with more than 25 users on line it started going slow.
>Food for thought?
Have a look at www.horde.org with there IMP webmail system. We currently 
use it and it's really good. Saying that we are moving away this year 
and starting to use a system based on OpenWebmail, the reason you might 
ask, one word "Webdisks". This gives student & staff the ability to 
upload & download files from there home dir actually from home all 
through a nice https enviroment cutting down the risks.


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