[K12OSN] Networking Essentials

Adam Reitsma areitsma at littletonschools.org
Wed Jun 22 20:04:13 UTC 2005


I am planning for network upgrades for 2005-2006.  Right now the network 
is kind of scattered.  A device here, a device there, a device 
everywhere so I am trying to condense everything into a backbone structure.

I have 3 buildings external to the high school that have a fiber run 
connecting (ST) from each building to the high school.  The immediate 
bottleneck I already know on these is they are using a media converter 
from transition networks connecting at 10 Base T.

With all 3 sites, the current inventory is about 300 machines.  
Connections I am a little over 200 at the moment as far as IP Addressing.

Any recommendations on a typical setup?  I am thinking a Fiber/Switch 
Combo at each remote site that uplinks to the 10/100 switches.  Then the 
3 fiber connections coming into the high school all uplink to a 

 From this location, the connections go to a patch panel that relays to 
another wire room where the rest of the punchdown racks are.  I am 
thinking of another gigabit uplink switch in this rack.  Now there 
already 10/100 switches for the data jacks.  Do those need to be 
replaced with switches with the gigabit uplinks for this new switch or 
keep them at 100?  Anyway, we not done yet, from this new location of 
the data jacks, I need another gigabit switch for an uplink to the 
actual server room.  This switch will be taking all the ports to the 
server nics.  Finally from here you reach the ISP/Internet/Firewall for 
the outside.

Or is it possible to find Ethernet to Gigabit Fiber converters.  In that 
case it ends up being 6 converters/tranceivers ( still put a giga switch 
at the remote sites or keep at 100) connect to the main wiring rack, 
giga switch there, uplink the 100's for the dataports, and add a giga 
switch for the servers in the server room.

There a lot of shorthand there but hopefully people get the gist of how 
that is setup.  I will try and edit and put a diagram as I draw it up.  
I am really just looking to see where people are putting gigabit for the 
terminal services and leaving the 10/100's the way they are. Or if they 
are just upgrading everything.

There is a possibility in the next 5 years of a K-8 Facility being put 
in as well so trying to keep that in mind as well as this is implemented.

Any feedback works....  Going to be a fun summer project if the funds 
are available....


Adam Reitsma
Littleton School District
Littleton, NH

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