[K12OSN] Networking Essentials

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Wed Jun 22 20:53:40 UTC 2005

I'd put a 10/100/1000 like this switch (SR24-G2)from Amer.com that has 2 
gig ports and 24-10/100 ports in all buildings. So the thin clients plug 
into the 10/100 ports and the 2 Gig ports provide your backbone linking 
of the Gig-E to the LTSP server.


Adam Reitsma wrote:
> Hello!
> I am planning for network upgrades for 2005-2006.  Right now the network 
> is kind of scattered.  A device here, a device there, a device 
> everywhere so I am trying to condense everything into a backbone structure.
> I have 3 buildings external to the high school that have a fiber run 
> connecting (ST) from each building to the high school.  The immediate 
> bottleneck I already know on these is they are using a media converter 
> from transition networks connecting at 10 Base T.
> With all 3 sites, the current inventory is about 300 machines.  
> Connections I am a little over 200 at the moment as far as IP Addressing.
> Any recommendations on a typical setup?  I am thinking a Fiber/Switch 
> Combo at each remote site that uplinks to the 10/100 switches.  Then the 
> 3 fiber connections coming into the high school all uplink to a 
> fiber/switch.
>  From this location, the connections go to a patch panel that relays to 
> another wire room where the rest of the punchdown racks are.  I am 
> thinking of another gigabit uplink switch in this rack.  Now there 
> already 10/100 switches for the data jacks.  Do those need to be 
> replaced with switches with the gigabit uplinks for this new switch or 
> keep them at 100?  Anyway, we not done yet, from this new location of 
> the data jacks, I need another gigabit switch for an uplink to the 
> actual server room.  This switch will be taking all the ports to the 
> server nics.  Finally from here you reach the ISP/Internet/Firewall for 
> the outside.
> Or is it possible to find Ethernet to Gigabit Fiber converters.  In that 
> case it ends up being 6 converters/tranceivers ( still put a giga switch 
> at the remote sites or keep at 100) connect to the main wiring rack, 
> giga switch there, uplink the 100's for the dataports, and add a giga 
> switch for the servers in the server room.
> There a lot of shorthand there but hopefully people get the gist of how 
> that is setup.  I will try and edit and put a diagram as I draw it up.  
> I am really just looking to see where people are putting gigabit for the 
> terminal services and leaving the 10/100's the way they are. Or if they 
> are just upgrading everything.
> There is a possibility in the next 5 years of a K-8 Facility being put 
> in as well so trying to keep that in mind as well as this is implemented.
> Any feedback works....  Going to be a fun summer project if the funds 
> are available....
> Thanks,
> Adam Reitsma
> Littleton School District
> Littleton, NH

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