[K12OSN] SME port forward problem

Larry McPherson lmcpherson at mail.sumner.k12.me.us
Fri Jun 24 17:06:01 UTC 2005

I just returned from the LINUX symposium (GREAT INFO) with a Moodle server and a SME firewall.  I've installed the firewall and moodle server, but I'm unable to reach the moodle box through the fire wall.  Details listed below:

SME Firewall: = connection to the Internet = DHCP & DNS server

  Port forward rule: Protocal=TCP
                     Source Port=2727
		     Destination Host IP Address=
		     Destination Port=80

Moodle box:

I've rebooted the SME Firewall after making port forwarding rules.  When I type (I get "website under construction") so I know I can talk to the SME box over the Internet.  When I type or into the URL firefox times out.

I can reach Moodle from inside the firewall by typing 

Thanks for any help.


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