[K12OSN] Filter-CensorNet

David Whitmer dwblue02 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 25 01:19:53 UTC 2005


I'd suggest you check the following:

1) If your router and CensorNet are each running DHCP
servers, turn off DHCP on one of them.

2) Looks like you've got the same IP assigned to
CensorNet's private interface and your router's
gateway.  Change the IP on Censornet to something else
on the same subnet.

3) By default, CensorNet will block web access from
any computer until that computer has been allowed
access through CensorNet's web interface.  Configure
this under the "workstations" tab ("manage
workstations" and "access control").

4) Double-check your internet proxy server settings on
the client computer.

If you cannot ping an outside web site, check points 1
& 2 above.  If you CAN ping other sites, then check
points 3 & 4.

I haven't yet tried importing users from LDAP (that's
a project for later this summer), so I'm afraid I
can't answer that question for you.

By the way, CensorNet's community forum at
http://forum.censornet.com/ is a great resource for
troubleshooting CensorNet issues. :)



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