[K12OSN] reposted - game & educational app CPU resources

Gavin Chester sales at ecosolutions.com.au
Sat Jun 25 03:52:57 UTC 2005

	... on the recent topic of games:

Is it a possible for someone to point to a list, or find a way to create
a list, of games and educational apps divided into high resource users
and low resource users?  Or, would that be a nightmare concept to
administer?  I know that LTS networks lend themselves well to countries
with far less computing power than available in USA, so I know that
there would be a large and appreciative audience of such a listing.

I may not be looking hard enough, but it seems that few gpl apps state
the minimum hardware requirements.  And, as an example of what I mean,
there has been talk on this list before about some great apps, like
tuxpaint(?) and/or tuxtype(?) sucking up heaps of CPU or network
resources such that very few concurrent sessions are possible. 

In my small home LTS network my kids have fallen in love with supertux,
but just one session uses up to 40% of my CPU and two sessions end up
being "veryniced".  Another example is that even one session of tuxracer
is impossible since it plays like treacle and it's all I can do to kill
the program because the mouse jerks across the screen :-(.  

My trouble is that I have only a PII 450MHz as my LTS.  I'm sure there
would be hundreds of potential LTS networks in the developing world with
hardware as "antiquated" as mine that would happily run OO.o and many
productivity apps, but that struggle to run many of the educational and
gaming apps. 
        Gavin Chester

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