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Gustav J Kramer gj.kramer at planet.nl
Mon Jun 27 06:04:53 UTC 2005


I would say your vote carries the day!  Take a break and enjoy your
holidays.  And, thanks for all the work you've done on this project.

- gjk

On Sun, 2005-26-06 at 22:53 -0700, Eric Harrison wrote:
> I have mentioned that I'm shooting for a July 4th release date for
> K12LTSP 4.2.1EL and 4.4.0.
> At this point, I think I *could* make that target, but it would be
> better if we don't. Symbolically the 4th of July makes a nice release
> date, but from a quality assurance perspective it would be better
> to wait until the week after.
> I'm leaving for vacation on Tuesday and won't be back until July 4th.
> I have obligations on July 8th->11th that won't leave me much time
> for working on K12LTSP.
> I'd have to slave all day and night on Monday to finish them up
> and then hope no serious problems were reported while I was gone.
> Then I'd have to do a release & immediately drop back off the Net.
> Doesn't sound like a good idea to me.
> I vote that we do this instead:
>   * I don't work like a dog on Monday, leave for a week, do a
>     new release, then leave again for three days.
>   * The current builds of K12LTSP 4.2.1EL & 4.4.0 are declared "near
>     production ready", likely to be safe to use on pre-production
>     servers.
>   * As many people as possible test them out, report any and all bugs
>     found.
>   * On July 5th/6th/7th, I'll fix whatever bugs are reported. If at
>     all possible, bug fixes will apply cleanly from the apt/yum/up2date
>     repositories (i.e. if you install the current beta builds you
>     should not be required to reinstall for the final release)
>   * If all the bugs are fixed, I'll upload final release candidates
>     on July 6th or 7th.
>   * If no show stoppers are found, we'll do the final release
>     between the 12th & 16th.
> -Eric
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