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RE: [K12OSN] IceWM, Gnome & Nautilus FRUSTRATIONS

> No LDAP. Just exporting /home and mounting via NFS. 
> This used to work!  What happened with FC3?

I am guessing that when you first set this up you imported the same list
of users in the same order on all of the machines, so luckily your UID's
were all identical on each box.  But now that they have been upgraded
maybe they don't match anymore.  

Find a specific user and see if the user ID matches on all of the
machines.  If it doesn't there is the answer, if it does, then on to the
next theory.  Regardless I think it is somewhat dangerous to run a
multi-server setup without some sort of central user
authentication/syncronization.  From what I know anyhow.

Maybe someone out here has a quick tip on what to move from the server
exporting /home to be sure UID's, GID's and password match on all

How about root?  I would think the root user would match on all servers.
Can root log and see icons?

Did you verify that /home is indeed being mounted correctly on
subsequent servers?

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