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Re: [K12OSN] OpenOffice vs. Microsoft Office

--- Bill Kendrick <nbs sonic net> wrote:
> > It also can read and save Microsoft
> > formats, if you need that.  It does this perfectly
> > most of the time, but I have seen some
> > excessively-formatted Word docs that when opened
> in
> > OpenOffice, the formatting was not exactly the
> same.
> Heh, and don't let a little issue like that be an
> argument
> against OpenOffice.org.  From what I've heard, some
> versions of
> MS Word have difficulty opening files from some
> other versions.
> (If anyone's got a data point to actually back UP my
> claim, that'd
> be helpful ;^) *hint!*)


You are right about MS Office self-compatibility.  I
can remember doing my resume on one computer with Word
97.  I am so great and have so much experience that I
needed to widen the margins to fit it all.  (Please
read that with your sense of humor turned on).  I
emailed the resume to myself and tried to print it out
on another computer with Word 97 and the margins went
back to their defaults, totally screwing my
formatting.  This happenned every time -- it was not
because of forgetting to save my changes.  And take
note that this was with the same version of Word on
both computers.


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