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[K12OSN] I need to make a choice

I have run a Linux only lab now for for the entire school year so far.  1 server K12LTSP 4.1 and 30+ workstations.  (some teachers connect to server using Windoze via Samba but they don’t count)


Kindergarten to Grade 12 with the elementary students using the educational games that came with K12LTSP as well as web sites and ktouch


Junior and High School students using StarOffice Applications, web sites, ktouch and various programming languages.  Java via NetBeans, Python, etc


Most everything worked great.


I wish I had better bandwidth, but that might be solved if and when I can convince the powers that be to spring for the switches necessary for a gig backbone to a gig router/switch that all other switches would be attached to, including the two lines from the server


What I would really love is to get the sound working on the workstations.  25 out of the 30+ workstations are identical IBM 300PLs with onboard lans, onboard video, and onboard sound.  When I loaded up one of these machines with Windows 98, it auto-detected sound and functioned without speakers or headphones.  These workstations have audio jacks and volume controls out the front.  Crank it up and the audio plays through the system speaker


But no matter what I try, and I have tried, I cannot get sound working.  It must have something to do with the soundcard itself  Crystal 3248? I think.  The sound card on the server works fine, but that’s useless as it is not used as a workstation.


The elementary teachers have been really good about a complete switch to Linux, not that they had a choice.  I teach all the computer classes Grade 7 and up and have not really felt the need for sound but the elementary teachers only real complaint is the lack of sound on the educational games and websites.


I would like to give it to them


It seems to me that other distros of Linux seem to handle sound better than Fedora.  I plan to try putting a harddrive into one of the workstations and then load a regular distro of say Mandrake or Suse to see if they can detect and use the sound card.  If it can I would assume that loading the terminal server with that distro and then LTSP on top then the workstations would have sound.  I don’t really want to do that as the K12LTSP that I have been using is brain dead easy to install and configure.  Literally follow the bouncing ball and then accept defaults for almost everything.  Then tweek later.


I really like that.  I really really want Fedora to start supporting that workstation and its sound card


Advice.  Opinions.  Ideas.  Welcome and thank you

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