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Re: [K12OSN] killer elementary/junior high apps?

is a school that utilizes "SimpleUpdates" CMS...
the school I maintain K12LTSP for is in the process of migrating to "Intellisite" from http://www.elexio.com/products/intellisite/
very affoardable and nice features.


Ascension Tech wrote:
Hey All, I'm sure this question must have been asked before. Let me first say
that our school is prek-8th grade. What software are elementary/junior
high schools getting the most out of, FOSS and otherwise? We have
been using Gcompris. Also some of the math programs like tux math and
kbruch. The bundled software doesn't seem to offer much to our older
grades since much of it shoots too high or too low. Also, how many
elementary schools are benefiting from content management systems? What do you like and why? Can anyone's CMS be accessed from the
internet so I can see what they are like and also show
teachers/administration what they are capable of?

Thanks so much, Peter

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