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Re: [K12OSN] Is SquidGuard Working?

Look for clues by using these:
     tail -n 40 /var/log/squid/access.log
     tail -n 40 /var/log/squidGuard/squidGuard.log
     ps aux | grep squid

Right now, you aren't passing any traffic - you know that part.

Also, I think that the squid.conf file is superceded by squid-squidGuard.conf, isn't that right?

Also, I'd try using the default set up using port 3128 just to be sure that it is working in the basic configuration.

To test, try going to a blocked site. I always try
to see if it gets blocked. If squidGuard is running, that site will be blocked.

Mark Sarria wrote:

*Ok, I think I made some progress. In my attempt visit google, I recvied the *


*The requested URL could not be retrieved*

It looks like all my pages are blocked. I can’t access any website. Can someone help me figure this out?



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I have SquidGuard enabled and I think I configured correctly, because when I start the service it gave me no errors. I opened a browser and typed in the server name with the port number it is listening to (8080) and the Fedora test page appears.

My question is how do I really know its working and is there a basic test I can run to prove that it is working?



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