[K12OSN] Suggestions for a LTSP Demo

Harish Pillay harish.pillay at gmail.com
Tue May 24 16:46:13 UTC 2005

Thanks, Curt.  These schools are all outfitted with at least 2 (some with
4) labs with about 35-40 PCs each.  There are about 400 publicly funded
schools in Singapore and the standard is about 80-100 PCs each.  They
are all networked and have internet access etc etc.

The situation we are faced with here is that we need to sell the teachers
the value we are bringing to the school.  They can be pursuaded with the
security,  management, stability and integration part.  The issue will stem
on the fact that these schools have between 100-500 CD titles that run on
windows only (some may be Mac as well).  How can we address that?


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