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RE: [K12OSN] OO.o randomly closes


Thanks for the advice. I spent several hours yesterday working on things. If
I went into their ~/.openoffice* directly I could run the soffice script,
and it would bring up the program. But as soon as I loaded a file up, it
would wait five seconds, then exit. I noticed that if I deleted the .lock
file in ~/.openoffice it would work fine. So I'm going to check the /tmp
directory and see if there is anything there odd. Thanks for the advice.


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Calvin Park wrote:
> Hello all,
> I just had a student come to my office and report that when she opens OO.o
> Writer (or any other app) it opens for about five seconds and then...BOOM!
> it closes. That's not good at all. I had her show me, and sure enough, the
> program comes up, sits there for around five seconds and then closes. In
> words of one astute computer guru, "That is not a good prize!" Now, it
> doesn't happen on everyone's account, but there are multiple users
> complaining of this problem. It works fine on a few other accounts though.
> When OO.o shuts down I get,
> Nov 16 08:30:23 dctserver htt_server[2424]: Client shut down the
> owned by im_id(1).
> So, anyone else experienced this problem? Any ideas on what I can do to
> QUICKLY fix this problem. Running K12 FC3 release.
> Calvin Park
> System Administrator
> Computer Services Department
> Davis College: A Practical College of Bible and Ministry
> email: cpark davisny edu
> phone: 1.607.729.1581 ext 404
> web: http://www.davisny.edu/csd

I'm not sure of the exact problem, but for OpenOffice there are only two
things that should differ between two accounts: their settings
~/.openoffice* and the user's files in /tmp/

If they don't have much customization to openoffice.org, I'd have them
nuke ~/.openoffice*  -- openoffice.org will rebuild that directory the
next time they run an OOo app.

They may also have something screwy in /tmp/. Have them log out and
remove any files owned by them in /tmp/  (or if it is easy to get
everyone to log out, remove everything in /tmp/ and reboot).


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