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Re: [K12OSN] Blog/CMS for student use

On 11/18/05, Ryan Collins <mr rcollins gmail com> wrote:

> Wordpress level 1 users can write posts, but cannot publish. It
> requires someone at a higher level to publish. So you can set up a
> blog in wordpress, make the teacher the administrator, and the
> students level 1 users. They can write drafts all they want, but it
> requires an administrator to publish. You can also set it to allow
> approval of all posts.
> They are also coming out with a multiple users version of Wordpress
> (http://mu.wordpress.org/), so you can run one installation for all
> your blogs. I hacked this into our installation of wordpress so we can
> use it.
> I really like Wordpress for it's power in it's simplicity.

what I didn't like about the default wordpress was that you had to
make the teacher an administrator so they could see who wrote which
post.   I wasn't too thrilled with making the teacher an
administrator.   Plus, how do you let the teacher know *when* a
student wants their work published.  A student would have no way of
distinguishing between a work in progress, and a final product.  the
post moderation plugin lets the student click 'publish', but the
article is put in a queue that require review before it goes live. 
The queue also lists who wrote the article.  I think making the
teacher a level 5 is best for our case. 5 lets them review posts and
add new users.  They can not change the default behaviour of the blog.


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