[K12OSN] squidGuard and Google safe search not working

mrok12osn at eastgranby.k12.ct.us mrok12osn at eastgranby.k12.ct.us
Fri Dec 1 21:38:58 UTC 2006

We discovered today that google safe search is not being turned on and we
don't understand why.

The only reason at this point that we are using squidGuard is for the
google safe search because our state is providing filtering.

Below are the versions for squid and squidGuard as well as the
squidGuard.conf file.

Does anyone see why the rewriting is not working?

Mark Orenstein
East Granby, CT School System

[root at cen squid]# yum list installed squid squidGuard
Loading "installonlyn" plugin
Installed Packages
squid.i386                               7:2.5.STABLE14-2.FC5   installed
squidGuard.i386                          1.2.0-12.k12ltsp.5.0.0 installed

# Update by MAO 02/19/2004 for google safe search patch
# Update by MAO 03/11/2002 for RH8 K12LTSP install
# See http://www.squidguard.org/config/ for more examples

dbhome /var/squidGuard/blacklists
logdir /var/log/squidGuard

dest ads {
    log        ads
    domainlist    ads/domains
    urllist        ads/urls

dest audio-video {
    log        audio-video
    domainlist    audio-video/domains
    urllist        audio-video/urls

dest aggressive {
    log        aggressive
    domainlist    aggressive/domains
    urllist        aggressive/urls

dest drugs {
    log        drugs
    domainlist    drugs/domains
    urllist        drugs/urls

dest gambling{
    log        gambling
    domainlist    gambling/domains
    urllist        gambling/urls

dest hacking {
    log        hacking
    domainlist    hacking/domains
    urllist        hacking/urls

dest mail {
    log        mail
    domainlist    mail/domains
    urllist        mail/urls

dest porn{
    log        porn
    domainlist    porn/domains
    urllist        porn/urls

dest proxy{
    log        proxy
    domainlist    proxy/domains
    urllist        proxy/urls

dest violence{
    log        violence
    domainlist    violence/domains
    urllist        violence/urls

dest warez{
    log        warez
    domainlist    warez/domains
    urllist        warez/urls

dest local-ok{
    domainlist      local-ok/domains
    urllist         local-ok/urls

dest local-block{
    log             local-block
    domainlist      local-block/domains
    urllist         local-block/urls

dest eg-block{
        log             eg-block
        domainlist      eg-block/domains
        urllist         eg-block/urls

dest eg-ok{
        log             eg-ok
        domainlist      eg-ok/domains
        urllist         eg-ok/urls

rewrite google {
    s@(google.com/search.*q=.*)@\1\&safe=active at i
    s@(google.com/images.*q=.*)@\1\&safe=active at i
    s@(google.com/groups.*q=.*)@\1\&safe=active at i
    s@(google.com/news.*q=.*)@\1\&safe=active at i
    # log google

acl {

default {
                # for google to be in "safe mode"
                rewrite google
                pass all
                pass eg-ok !eg-block local-ok !local-block !aggressive
!hacking !violence !gambling !porn !warez all
#               rewrite google
#               redirect http://mail.eastgranby.k12.ct.us/usepolicy.htm
#    default {
        # the default categories are conservative, please add any additional
        # categories listed above or simply comment out this line and
        # out the line below it.
#        pass local-ok !local-block !gambling !porn !warez all
#        pass local-ok !local-block !aggressive !drugs !gambling !hacking
!porn !proxy !violence !warez all

#        redirect    
        # redirect    
#    }

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