[K12OSN] Autologin not working

Ray Garza ray at mission.lib.tx.us
Fri Dec 8 16:21:36 UTC 2006

On Friday 08 December 2006 07:49, Petre Scheie wrote:
> I think the ability to make cosmetic changes, such as changing the
> greeting, in KDM is broken.  I
Well, that's a bummer. Kinda hinders troubleshooting.

I checked the processes and GDM is not running and KDM is.

> was not able to make any such changes work.  
> That's why I went back to GDM. But I believe William Fragakis has autologin
> under KDM working, so I'm pretty sure that part works.
Ok, I'll still do a fresh reinstall and try again. I'll post the results next 
week.  Right now I'm stuck checking out why certain PC's have a history cache 
and other don't in the Windows world.


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