[K12OSN] Impress/Firefox very, very, very slow

dahopkins at comcast.net dahopkins at comcast.net
Tue Dec 5 21:39:52 UTC 2006


After several weeks of things working well, the tech teacher is now reporting that when using both Impress and Firefox at the same time, the system becomes unusable.  The students are using Firefox to browse to sites and get pictures that are put into Impress.  This is with 30 users using both packages.  We use StarOffice 8, not  the latest 00.o version.  Also, beagleindex seems to want to run as well.  The net effect is that the load average is being pushed past 50 on the system.  Just guessing, but could this be an issue with the pspfontcache or some other similar cached files getting too large?  I can try most anything to resolve it short of re-installing the OS (not till Christmas break).  We have ldap with master/slave ldap servers (thanks to Matt and David Trask).

Dave Hopkins
Newark Charter School

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