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Re: [K12OSN] solved--K12LTSP server won't give non-terminals web access

David D. Nelson wrote:
Sorry about the early send.

Any way, I think I found out the problem of
workstations on my internal network not being able to
get access to the internet with a web browser. When I
added things like HTTP to the trusted services I could
get access. But if I wanted the ports to be invisible
to the outside world things wouldn't work. I found
while looking at the Linux Firewall module in Webmin
that only lo was set to accept any traffic but that
eth0 was not. I added a rule to accept any traffic on
eth0 and now my internal workstations get through the
firewall just fine. Was the K12LTSP rule to accept
anything on eth0 supposed to do the same thing?

Yes, the K12LTSP rule should have done the same thing. Perhaps webmin does this in an incompatible way - I'll test it when I get the chance.


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