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Re: [K12OSN] K12LTSP 6.0.0 Release Candidate #1

nono, thank YOU!
This stuff just rocks and the juicy factor I can't even begin to explain to people...

Just had a credit union willing to donate like 30 machines...P3 and better...but were "sorry" to inform me they would have to remove all of the hard drives ;) I was kind of elated.

BTW on the Beagle side of things...is there a way this can only be run for ROOT user or my admin user and not for every user on the system?


Eric Harrison wrote:
Huck wrote:
Just installed the 64-bit dvd iso yesterday Eric.

clicking on 'Fedora Extras Repository' during the install process was a show stopper...crashed the install...reboot required.


I'll incorporate the fix into K12LTSP...

Thanks Huck!


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