[K12OSN] PostSession script, rm command and user directories

Meelis Mihhailov meelis at nlib.ee
Sat Dec 16 10:57:10 UTC 2006

Hi Sudev and thanks for the reply.

This did not work. If I use the command rm -rf /home/terminal9 then files in 
Desktop are not erased as well as files in the /home/terminal9 created by 
the user.

If I use rm -rf /home/terminal9/* then Desktop files are removed but files 
in /home/terminal9 made by user are still not removed :(

meelis at nlib.ee

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> On 16/12/06, Meelis Mihhailov <meelis at nlib.ee> wrote:
>> The RM command used to erase is :
>> rm -rf /home/terminal9/*
> Will this work for you?
> rm -rf /home/terminal9
> mkdir /home/terminal9
> chown user:user /home/terminal9
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> Sudev Barar
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