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Rob Owens hick518 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 16 20:39:19 UTC 2006

I have 3 very small examples, none of which are LTSP
related and only 1 of which is education related.

1)  I just set up an old computer (a Pentium II, 350
MHz) with Xubuntu 6.10 for my son's preschool.  With
192 MB RAM, it actually runs ok.  Applications are
slow to load, but run at normal speed once loaded. 
The computer was given to me, and I'm giving it to the
school in hopes that it will turn them on to Linux.

2)  At work, I rescued 2 old computers that were
slated for the scrap heap.  They were both Pentium III
900 MHz machines.  One had 512 MB RAM, the other had
128 MB.  One is located in New Jersey, the other is
located in England.  They do hourly backups of our
drawings, and then rsync them across the ocean to the
other computer.  CentOS 4 is installed on these
machines.  I also run FreeNX server on them and our
engineers log in to use Imendio Planner -- an MS
Project clone.  (The 128 MB machine can really only
handle 1 login at a time).

3)  The parent company of the company I work for has a
monthly "Innovation Award".  All employees of all the
sister companies are encouraged to submit ideas, and
cash prizes are awarded.  Submission of ideas is via
the parent company's intranet site.  Most of our shop
workers do not have computer access, so I fixed that
using Linux.  I again raided the "to be junked" pile
and came up with two Pentium III machines -- a 500 MHz
and a 650 MHz, each with 128 MB RAM.  They run Xubuntu
6.06 and work well.  Firefox is a little slow to load,
but webpages open quickly--even ones that use Flash.

So there are 5 computers saved from the junk pile, all
performing useful functions.  


--- ahodson at elp.rr.com wrote:

> Hi group
> The district's head of instructional technology has
> asked me to compile
> a "how can old computers be used again" using linux
> and open source. I
> believe it's part of a county-wide effort to provide
> employment to
> (twin-plant/maquila) displaced workers. I can rant
> about how-to, but I
> am in short supply of links to disticts and
> communities where this is
> being done. I also know there are vendors in the
> list that may want to
> make sure their contribution appears, as the
> district will most likely
> farm out the initial training and workplace set-up.
> I will gladly share the results with the group, as
> Open Source's mantra
> is about sharing information and resources.
> cheers
> Alan A Hodson
> http://links.episd.org/
> El Paso TX
> -=o=-
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