[K12OSN] openvpn on LTSP-FC5

Paul Humphreys paul at vaz.co.uk
Sun Dec 17 23:51:41 UTC 2006

Dear colleagues
Is anyone running the latest version of openvpn for remote access to files
on the server (from a windows XP client) over the internet?
I don't want to ask a specific config question at this stage --- because I'm
still learning by doing, and no pain no gain.
But a quick confirmation that the latest openvpn actually runs on LTSP-FC5
would be very welcome.
I've tried various configurations and well-documented walkthroughs, with
full uninstall and reinstall of openvpn each time to give me a clean start.
But however I try, I cannot get the openvpn service actually to run on the
server. The service always shows as 'service not started' and 'service
openvpn restart' always fails. I've checked and rechecked the associated
config files, certificates, keys, router firewall, linux firewall, IP
settings, paths, etc etc and cannot find anything obviously wrong with the
setup: all appears to be by the book. On the same machine VNC works OK, as
does SSH, WINscp3, FTP, HTTP, NX --- I'm working my way through all the
protocols, to learn. 
But openvpn, no.
I've noticed that I've not actually found any articles about openvpn
specifically for LTSP-FC5, and wonder if there may be an incompatibility I
am not aware of? But notice of a successful install --- will be enough to
keep me on the case for a solution...
Many thanks
Oxford UK 
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