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Re: [K12OSN] Image creation software

I've only used G4U (g4l didn't work right for me, and it was much less mature).

It will clone anything, but I must admit I've never used SATA, so I'm not sure how it handles anything but IDE.

I've even cloned old Mac OS8 machines with G4U, I just take out the drives and put them in a junker P133.  Same goes for USB only machines, I just pluck out the drives and use that old pentium for cloning.  (It's a pain in the butt for the old tray load iMacs, as those drives are HORRIBLE to get out, but it still works in a pinch)


On Dec 20, 2006, at 11:30 AM, Shane Sammons wrote:

I will look into g4l myself, just wanted to ask a general question as I have a school lab to re-do over X-mas break. I would assume g4l will work with windows, as it most likely loads from a network boot or bootable media, but has anyone used it for such? 

Also how many people have systems with SATA drives and USB only keyboards and are able to use things like G4L and G4U?

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