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Re: [K12OSN] How to make a local repository for K12ltsp 4.4.1?

norm hanna wrote:

I had a hard drive go bad yesterday, and needed to rebuild a server.  I boot
with the command line "linux askmethod" and perform an "http install" from
my local fileserver.  The longest part of the rebuild was downloading all
the updated packages using yum update, as the update went out to the
internet to get the files.

To simplify recoveries in the future, I would like to keep all files for
rebuilding the k12ltsp servers on a local server.

What is the best source to rsync from to only get 4.4.1 k12ltsp?  How big
will this repository be?

The whole thing is 11GB (including ISOs, etc).

$ cd /var/ftp/pub/K12LTSP/4.4.1/
$ du -shc *
8.0K    base
56M     headers
2.9G    i386
2.9G    iso
15M     repodata
483M    RPMS
295M    SRPMS
3.9G    updates
11G     total

"i386" is the directory you can install off of. "updates" are all of the
 official Fedora updates. "RPMS" and "SRPMS" are there mostly for
convenience, they are copies of the k12ltsp-specific packages buried in
the "i386" directory.

If you just want the updates, all you need is the updates directory.

You'll need to rsync to k12linux.mesd.k12.or.us if you want the whole
thing. If you just want the updates, any of the official Fedora mirrors
will do, such as kernel.org:

   rsync mirrors.kernel.org::fedora/core/updates/4/i386/

Specifically, what gpg keys do I need to download as well?  I ran into some
problems with installing the xfce (yum install xfce4*) , one of the packages
(pkginfo or something like that) indicated that the k12ltsp keys were not

What changes do I need to make to the local files to use the local

Copy /etc/yum.repos.d/k12ltsp.repo to /etc/yum.repos.d/local.repo. Edit
/etc/yum.repos.d/k12ltsp.repo so that it looks something like this:


where "yourserver" is your web server (or change it to ftp://yourserver
if it is a FTP server) and "/path/to/repository" is where the repository
is located. If you put the repository on a web server called
"k12ltsp-mirror" in the /var/www/html/k12ltsp-4.2/ directory, the
baseurl would be:  http://k12ltsp-mirror/k12ltsp-4.2/

Any web or ftp server will do.

If you sync the updates directory off of one of the official Fedora
mirrors, that is all you should need to do.

If you sync off of K12LTSP and/or make any local modifications, you'll
need to rebuild the repository information. After each time you rsync
(we'll keep using /var/www/html/k12ltsp-4.2/ as an example), you need to
run "createrepo".

If you don't have "createrepo", install it with "yum install createrepo"

To use createrepo, just cd to the base directory of your repository and
run the command. Such as:

   cd /var/www/html/k12ltsp-4.2/
   createrepo .


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