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Re: [K12OSN] gnome-settings-daemon and esd-sound

Trond Mæhlum wrote:
Eric Harrison skrev:

The two questions in the topic is not related. I think.

I am using icewm, and I see that gnome-settings-daemon is started.
What exactly does this do?

It is required for nautilus to run correctly. If you take a look at the
IceWM session script, you'll see that it only runs if nautilus is
enabled (ICEWM_USE_NAUTILUS=YES in /etc/sysconfig/icewm).

I don't remember all that breaks if you turn off gnome-settings-daemon,
if you are really curious you can comment that line out and see what
happens ;-)

I can't really see that anything changed at all. The only thing I
noticed is that the question about using keyboard settings from X or
gnome disappeared...

One thing that bothers me about our Fedora servers is that nautilus
takes ages to load when we use icewm. From icewm is loaded, it can take
30 seconds - 1 minute for the desktop background to appear. This seems
slightly quicker on our K12LTSP 4.2.2EL server.

Anytime you see a delay divisible by 30 seconds (0.5 minutes, 1.0
minutes, 1.5 minutes, etc), a DNS problem is always a likely candidate.

On my testserver running Debian, this loads at "lightspeed" :) Any ideas
on that? The servers are Dual Xeon 3GHz with 4GB RAM. They are far from
fully loaded. A nightly reboot seems to make the wait tolerable, but
still it takes far too long.

Is this a Fedora issue or what could it be?

Loads at "lightspeed" here. Is this all users or just specific users?

If you create a new user, does it have the delay as well?


Yes, you can pre-load esound libraries to do the same magic as nasd.
In K12LTSP, you can turn this on by setting REMOTE_SOUND_HACKS=YES
in /etc/sysconfig/k12ltsp

The simple answer is that you preload the libesd.so and libesddsp.so
libraries, such as:

   LD_PRELOAD="/usr/lib/libesd.so.0 /usr/lib/libesddsp.so.0"
   export LD_PRELOAD

I have tried to implement this. Is there some way to check if the
preloading happened as expected? echo LD_PRELOAD on the terminal or

It is just an environment variable, you can open up a terminal window
and run:



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