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Re: [K12OSN] LTSP Authenticating from and Mounting OSX Volumes

yes...very easily. takes not more than a few steps. I use NFS for my ltsp servers...make sure to share your folders on os x using nfs. set up ltsp server to authenticate to ldap. edit your fstab file to mount the nfs file system...by default, os x users have their nfs home folders mounted on /Network/Servers/NameOfYourServer. Make sure you os x users have a login shell chosen for their user account. This can be found under 'workgroup manager'...this step is very important to check...I believe by default os x accounts are set up with no login shell chosen....MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ONE CHOSEN. Reboot your ltsp server once authentication is set up, and login. I'm going from memory right now, so if you want more detailed steps, respond to this and I'll write tomorrow from work.


On Feb 6, 2006, at 8:50 AM, Selzler, Bruce wrote:

Does anyone have instructions for the reverse of this?  Our OSX server
contains the users and the volumes.  Can LTSP authenticate to OSX and
mount the user volumes?

Eric Harrison wrote:

Has anyone setup roaming profiles on Apple OSX clients stored on a
K12LTSP server? (i.e. Netatalk, NFS, or Samba?)

Any tips or tricks you can spare? ;-)

Yeah -- Jim's tutorial is awesome.  I've only used it for NIS, but
the roaming profiles work great.


All credit to Jim Kronebusch. (He can give alternate credit if he so
desires. ;)

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