[K12OSN] Smb-ldap admin interface and hardware recommendations

cliebow at midmaine.com cliebow at midmaine.com
Wed Feb 8 12:34:18 UTC 2006

Hi: My directory is deep rather than flat so i built some scripts to
bypass the smbldap-functions and tied them to a little python tk
interface..All the thinking is done in the scripts so to add or delete
users..enable/disable users add groups i just add say username and
graduation class..all other fields are extracted from smb.conf to create
an ldif which is ldapadded..
But extremely useful is the java-based ldapbrowser which is kind of obsure
to find .it has the advantage also of being run as a java applet from a
web page..working on a web-based cgi front end for my scripts now..chuck

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