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Re: [K12OSN] sound on a term 150e in 4.2.1/2EL32bit


It's my understanding that sound isn't redirected over the network for the "root" user.

Jim McQuillan
jam Ltsp org

Mark Gumprecht wrote:
Does anyone have client sound running on k12ltsp4.2.1EL or 4.2.2EL32bit?
I did see a note that nasd was not working yet in 4.2.2 , I have followed the directions in the wiki and installed the sound script and made the changes to the lts.conf file, it seems to load properly without error, just no sound. On the 4.2.2el, I installed a soundcard into the server and that allowed partial sound on the server. System sounds worked and some apps. I re-did the changes and tried again, the same things worked for root, but not for the test user. The sound was not re-directed either. I signed into root on the terminal and the sound came out the server card. Sound on the term 150e is fine because I can here the hardware alerts over the speaker. Any help appreciated.

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