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Re: [K12OSN] Attempting to Setup SATA RAID

Most of these "fake" RAID controlers have an option to use them for just plain disks too, besides RAID mode or totally disabled.

On Jan 29, 2006, at 9:16 AM, Steve Hampton wrote:


Here is where I am at,  I have tried swaping cables, but that didn't
help.  I have researched this using your guys links enough to now that
know I do not have a real hardware RAID controllor built into my MoBo.
 I have a "fake" raid controller that simulates hardware raid through
software in the bios.  I want to go ahead and setup a true software
raid but now I have new problems.

If I have both drives connnected, the machine won't boot. I need the
machine to boot up with both drives attached so that I can set up a
true software RAID.  If I try to turn off the SATA controller in the
Bios then the machine doesn't see the Hard drive and returns a nice No
operating system found message.  Any clues as to how I might work
around this.  Thanks for your help so far, at least now I know that
this MoBo stinks (Intel SVB7505) and I will not every reccommend this
model to anyone else for use on a Linux system, hehe.

Steven Hampton
Open Source, The Right Thing To Do!

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