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Re: [K12OSN] OS X run TuxType2 from K12LTSP server? (solved- mostly)

>On Thu, 06 Jul 2006 16:12:41 -0400, James P Schwankl wrote
>> Thanks for the reference Jim (and Gavin). I was able to use Google's 
>> cached pages to see the how to you referred to and able to get a 
>> command to launch an app on the server and have it display on the OS 
>> X box.
>> ssh IP.NU.MB.ER app_to_launch
>> very nice.
>> And I've just about finished the launcher (Combo applescript and 
>> .command file) to launch X11 and then run the command to start the 
>> app from the server.
>Very cool.  You'll have to post your work out when you are finished, I am sure
>others could use this (maybe me :-)
>> Unfortunately, I now have to figure out why tuxtype2 won't run,
>>  where others will :-(
>That sucks.  Keep trying.  Could it be that it needs a password and you have
>to create the key files to avoid entering it?  That is also in Gavin's how to.

No. I've got the auto connection thing happpening thanks to Gavin's how-to. I think I just need to research tuxtype's settings.txt file and find out if there are any prefs I can set there that deal with it running in a window instead of full screen.

If I get TuxTyping2 working I'll try to post a set of things I had to do.



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