[K12OSN] SMB/LDAP management with Webmin Users and Groups module

cliebow at midmaine.com cliebow at midmaine.com
Tue Jul 11 11:44:57 UTC 2006

webmin is still perl isnt it? Maybe we can add the extra fields..it is
still perl isnt it?chuck

> On Sat, 8 Jul 2006 14:55:30 -0400, Peter Hartmann wrote
>> >I really wished it worked with the bulk
>> > import scripts but it didn't create the samba users,
>> Shoot, I didn't notice that.  :(  As a quick fix I guess I could sync
>> the unix and samba users and then just delete the unix accts.   Did
>> you ever get IMC working?  I'm also running FC4 and am having the
>> same glob errors with imc startup.
> Yeah, that was a big hang up for me, only part missing to make it a
> complete
> solution for managing the samba/ldap.  However you can simply use Matt and
> Dave's bulk import scripts at the command line to get the server
> populated,
> then use Webmin for management after that.
> Never got IMC working.  I had enough things to try, so I gave up on it
> pretty
> quickly.  Support for IMC didn't seem to be very good. I am still
> subscribed
> to the IMC mailing list and get about 1 or 2 posts a month from it, not
> very
> helpful.  I tried about a half dozen management tools, none worked as a
> complete management solution, I always had to combine at least 2 tools to
> get
> things done.  I do think that if the bulk import in Webmin worked to
> create
> the Samba users that would be the best tool so far.  I think if you did
> set it
> up to sync samba users on import you would have another problem, first,
> all of
> those local unix accounts for no reason, not really a problem but messy.
> Second, I think a problem with the creation of the samba accounts is the
> bulk
> import didn't know enough to grab the defaults for account creation as
> specified in the LDAP module.  So you could create all of the users, but
> they
> wouldn't have the proper /home directory path and such.
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