[K12OSN] SME server upload/download problem

ATM Logic atmlogic at kmts.ca
Mon Jul 24 21:31:19 UTC 2006

I think you would want to post this on the Contribs.org forum, however, are
you using the SME as a proxy server as well?  What is the exact error?

If you Google SME and Cache (or Squid) you should find how to flush the
squid cache if that's the problem. (its something like squid -k shutdown,
then copy a blank file in, then restart)

Sorry I could not help further

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I've just joined this list, and hope someone has an answer for me.  I'm
running SME6.01 on several school servers (different schools).  We had
problems with uploading a library file that was fairly large, so I changed
the upload size in  the templates-custom directory, and it worked fine. 
However, at the same time our Windows 98 machines trying to download their
updates started getting the message that the cache size limited the
download, and we've been unable to update anything, or run any of our
web-based programs. 

This happened in only one school.  The other one that I've been working in
today has no problem even though I changed exactly the same setting.   I
went in and changed it back, which did nothing.

Suggestions gratefully accepted!!


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