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[K12OSN] Re: smb/ldap install woe. (luis.montes@cox.net)

> From: <luis montes cox net>
> I'm about to start this smbldap stuff as well.
> Question: Wouldn't it be easier to just install samba from the
> k12ltsp5 or fc5 disks at the time of installing the OS?  Just
> curious because I'm not sure what packages should be on the OS
> before starting the installer script.

It shouldn't matter. The smbldap-install script (which runs
automatically as part of the installer) does its best to make sure you
have all the required packages.

Aside from yum problems and a bug in samba-3.0.23 (which you
automatically get if you 'yum upgrade') you should just be able to run
the script on a fresh system.

In fact, I recommend that you run it on a fresh system.

See http://www.vcsvikings.org/docuwiki/cgi-bin/moin.cgi/BugsAndNotes
for more info on the aforementioned bug.


Open Source Software Engineering Consultant

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