[K12OSN] NELS & FOSS-Education Association

Mark Goodridge mgoodridge at chelseaeagles.org
Fri Jun 23 14:31:12 UTC 2006

Bryant Patten wrote:

> We also discussed the idea of starting an association 
> (group/co-op/guild/organization) of Open Source and Education 
> consultants. I volunteered to push this forward 
> for a bit and see what happens so please let me know (on list or off) 
> any thoughts, resources or suggestions.
> Bryant Patten
> White Nitro, LLC
> opensource at whitenitro.com

Speaking as a potential customer of members of the list - I think it's a 
great idea. Chris Johnson and David Trask have saved my butt many times 
and I would like to move beyond the "Hey guys, I'm in deep doo doo over 
here. Will someone bail me out." to a more formal business relationship 
(i.e. someone gets paid).

Just my thoughts,

Mark Goodridge
The Computer Guy
Chelsea Elementary School

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