[K12OSN] Booting a Client

Barry R Cisna cisna-barry at wc235.k12.il.us
Sun Jun 25 19:28:27 UTC 2006


If you installed k12ltsp 5.0, it is most likely within the dhcp.conf
file. But another possibility would be if this is the first install of
k12ltsp in this building and you installed say k12ltsp 4.4.1 make sure
you do not have another dhcp server running on the same subnet your
k12ltsp server is plugged into. This is the voice of experience
talking:). This happened to me when first starting in k12ltsp world.
Some clients would boot fine, and others would kernel panic at dhcp.

if you have a laptop handy plug it in the same switch your k12ltsp
server is plugged into and see what ip settings it is coming up with.
Try this a few times, to verify.< service network restart> on linux
laptop, or ipconfig /renew on a winders laptop.you should see
192.168.0.x with ltsp being the domain suffix( with a default install of
If you have an isolated switch that is strictly plugged into your
k12ltsp server and that is all then it can not be a dhcp extra server
running, obviously.
Keep at it.:)

Barry Cisna

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