[K12OSN] v5 beta9 install notes

Eric Harrison eharrison at mail.mesd.k12.or.us
Thu Jun 29 20:40:33 UTC 2006

On Wed 28 Jun, James P. Kinney III wrote:

> I had python "issues" installing beta 9 (i386 version). The anaconda
> would crash complaining about a gui library issue. It happened 2 times
> at about the same spot (disk 2). I was not able to capture the exact
> error as that machine had no working floppy drive. I was able to install
> with the text method.

> The yum update process cause gdm issues. The k12ltsp version removed the
> file that controls the graphics display mapping and gdm would no longer
> start. I pulled an older version over and renamed it for the new gnome
> version and recovered. (can't locate notes on this event at the moment
> for the file name... Hmm.)

No GDM issues here. Let me know if you can repeat the problem & if you
can let me know what file fixed it.

I had a problem with the latest font server upgrade (xorg-x11-xfs)
on my laptop, but I chalked that one up as my problem (heavily abused
computer + I ran out of disk space right about the same time as the
font server issue). All of my other upgrades went fine. I'm doing
a series of tests today, I'll keep my eyes open.

> Many of the yum updates in the k12ltsp repo failed to successfully
> complete post-install scripts. The default setting in yumex (and yum)
> was to remove after install so the package was no longer around to work
> by hand. Add to this the gui for yumex no longer worked after the
> update. I used rpm -e to remove it (yumex), turned off the k12ltsp repo
> and reinstalled yumex from the Fedora repo.

The yumex package in the K12LTSP repo is the same package as the Fedora
repo. I'll double-check the MD5SUM to make sure it is 100% identical.

> Please note: these were mostly minor issues for me (except the lost
> gnome that threw me for a loop for hours!) I have tested this on several
> different TC system and it works very well. An impromptu demo was a nice
> surprise as sound "just worked".
> Release date on v5 final?

Probably pretty soon. I hope to have a close-to-last beta release out
today. I'm working on a number of minor packaging refinements that won't
make a difference to most people + doing a lot of testing.

There is a known bug in the new USB thumbdrive access feature. If Jim
doesn't put out an official update real-soon-now, I'll bug him for a
patch ;-)


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