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[K12OSN] VNC and LTSP terminal client problem

Hello all,

I have a question regarding the use of VNC and K12LTSP. I am running FC5 K12LTSP all up to date, a server and a lab of 6 terminals. 3 Pentium 2's and 3 imac's. It looked awesome and WAS running great. I started dabbling in VNC and remote administration of the server and it seemed to be working great. Downloaded RealVNC and used the IP address given to the server to connect to the net. As I did this I would be the VNC viewer would see the server not as a remote desktop but as a client. After I did this the terminals will no longer log into the LTSP server. They get an ip address and start to download and then they HANG! I have googled and searched and I am stumped. Please see link for a pic of the terminal screen.


I am doing all this work to try and show our school that their are other options than M$ and MAC. Thanks for any help. It is much appreciated. ;)

ps. Is their a way to actually remotely connect to the server using VNC so I can log in as root to the server rather than the terminal login that I am getting? Thanks!

Casey Mynott                                                                                                     Technology Education                                                                                                     CE London Secondary School                                                                                     Richmond, British Columbia, Canada


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