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RE: [K12OSN] K12LTSP - How easy was that!


rdesktop remote.server.fqdn -g 1024x768 -a 16 -r sound:remote

 -g defines the screen geometry - this can also be given as a percentage
(-g 50%)
 -a defines colour depth (so 16 = 16bit; 24 = 24bit, etc...)
 -r sound :remote redirects the audio to the local client

If I recall you can also specify the user: -u username

It's been a while since I've played with it so please forgive me if I've
made a mistake!


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mvl 1 newulmtel net wrote:
> Here's a more basic question: What is rdesktop, and what will it do
for you?
> I'm really new to this!

I can help with that one

rdesktop is an RDP client which run on Linux

rdesktop will allow you to connect to a Windows XP desktop or Win2K3
terminal server in a similar fashion to VNC

It will allow you to use a windows desktop on your linux terminal

It's not the ideal solution but it can help if you need occasional
access to legacy apps. (We have MS Access databases)





Reading the docs it is in K12LTP 4.4.1 but I can't fathom out how to
start it!



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