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Re: [K12OSN] classroom teachers

I like the idea. I can't check out openlessons because our web filter does like it. I will check it out when I go home tonight. I have found it easy to implement a creative commons license for lesson plans. Very easy to make sense of and show teachers why they should use it. Easy to mark work as well. They also have an education section on their site.  Check it out.



On 6/29/06, Daniel Howard < dhhoward comcast net> wrote:
> Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 07:46:14 -1000
> From: "R. Scott Belford" < scott hosef org>
> Subject: Re: [K12OSN] classroom teachers
> I find it interesting that this discussion took place about 1.5 years
> http://www.redhat.com/archives/k12osn/2004-December/msg00208.html
> At that point there was some hesitation for splitting the lists, but
there was some agreement that a Mailman list would be best.  Also,
RedHat had agreed to host this.
> Four years into setting up and supporting thin-client labs, HOSEF
came to the conclusion that it would help to create a second mailing
list for teachers.  There is, however, such hesitation to admit what you
don't know that the list hasn't been used much.
> http://lists.hosef.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/hosef-support
> --scott

A thought: How about a web site for teachers with lesson plans posted by
teachers (www.OpenLessons.org or similar) where those of us more
familiar with some of the OSS apps available (or can take the moments to
search or email schoolforge collegues to find apps) can then integrate
the OSS apps into the lesson plans?  Basically, teachers just do what
they're already doing (lesson plans) and we help them find OSS apps to
enhance the lessons.  The site can have other info besides lesson plans
useful for teachers using OSS in classrooms of course.

Some of my teachers are already talking about doing something like this
with their existing lesson plans, now that they have so many working
computers available to them.  I'm sure at least a few could be talked
into starting something for us.


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