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Re: [K12OSN] classroom teachers

On 6/29/06, Daniel Howard <dhhoward comcast net> wrote:
A thought: How about a web site for teachers with lesson plans posted by
teachers (www.OpenLessons.org or similar) where those of us more
familiar with some of the OSS apps available (or can take the moments to
search or email schoolforge collegues to find apps) can then integrate
the OSS apps into the lesson plans?  Basically, teachers just do what
they're already doing (lesson plans) and we help them find OSS apps to
enhance the lessons.  The site can have other info besides lesson plans
useful for teachers using OSS in classrooms of course.

Both Openlessons.org and Openlessons.com are taken, the latter being a
site with resources for learning about FLOSS programs, but not really
for educators.

I've made a link on the K12OpenSource.com site for "Lesson Plans" that
goes to the wiki http://openlessons.wikispaces.com and that could
serve as a good place for this.  I posted Daniels initial email there.
If someone wants to outline the categories for the lesson plans, we
can be on our way.  We can also promote this at NECC big time.


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