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Re: [K12OSN] v5 beta9 install notes

On Wed 28 Jun, James P. Kinney III wrote:

I had python "issues" installing beta 9 (i386 version). The anaconda
would crash complaining about a gui library issue. It happened 2 times
at about the same spot (disk 2). I was not able to capture the exact
error as that machine had no working floppy drive. I was able to install
with the text method.

The yum update process cause gdm issues. The k12ltsp version removed the
file that controls the graphics display mapping and gdm would no longer
start. I pulled an older version over and renamed it for the new gnome
version and recovered. (can't locate notes on this event at the moment
for the file name... Hmm.)

No GDM issues here. Let me know if you can repeat the problem & if you
can let me know what file fixed it.

I had a problem with the latest font server upgrade (xorg-x11-xfs)
on my laptop, but I chalked that one up as my problem (heavily abused
computer + I ran out of disk space right about the same time as the
font server issue). All of my other upgrades went fine. I'm doing
a series of tests today, I'll keep my eyes open.

Many of the yum updates in the k12ltsp repo failed to successfully
complete post-install scripts. The default setting in yumex (and yum)
was to remove after install so the package was no longer around to work
by hand. Add to this the gui for yumex no longer worked after the
update. I used rpm -e to remove it (yumex), turned off the k12ltsp repo
and reinstalled yumex from the Fedora repo.

The yumex package in the K12LTSP repo is the same package as the Fedora
repo. I'll double-check the MD5SUM to make sure it is 100% identical.

Please note: these were mostly minor issues for me (except the lost
gnome that threw me for a loop for hours!) I have tested this on several
different TC system and it works very well. An impromptu demo was a nice
surprise as sound "just worked".

Release date on v5 final?

Probably pretty soon. I hope to have a close-to-last beta release out
today. I'm working on a number of minor packaging refinements that won't
make a difference to most people + doing a lot of testing.

There is a known bug in the new USB thumbdrive access feature. If Jim
doesn't put out an official update real-soon-now, I'll bug him for a
patch ;-)


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