[K12OSN] OpenAdmin Web-based School Administration

Onatawahtaw onatawahtaw at yahoo.ca
Thu May 4 03:02:02 UTC 2006

Just thought I'd make a quick plug for OpenAdmin
(http://richtech.ca/openadmin/) in case anyone is
looking for this type of program. OpenAdmin is an
opensource (GPL) School Administration system that
handles student demographic information, attendance,
teacher day book, teacher grade book, report cards. It
is mainly divided into three main sections: the admin
section(for administrators/secretaries), the teacher
section, and another section for parent/student
viewing of marks/attendance/report cards. It is all
web-based which makes it very easy for anyone to
access. While it does take a bit of initial setup
installing perl modules and configuring apache etc. it
is still fairly easy to do. The scripts are all
written in perl and can easily be modified by anyone
with the know-how. We have tested the system this year
and are relatively pleased with it (though of course
with anything there's always room for improvement), we
plan to implement it this Fall. There is a demo site
at richtech.ca/openadmin for those who are interested
in having a peek at it. I think it would even be a
good idea to implement something like this into
K12LTSP. But, hey, that's only my $0.00002 cents worth

Anyhow, I hope this information helps someone,


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