[K12OSN] Enabling Dansguardian on Beta 5

David Ackerman dackerman at apnts.org
Mon May 8 11:36:32 UTC 2006

Thanks for the excellent help, exactly what I needed.  I got the ltsp server
to filter Windows machines connected to it by changing the proxy in Internet
Explorer to the server IP and then port 8080 and it works (without this no
connection).  However, I could not get the thin clients to filter as well.

I had some other problems with clients today (this is a fresh install this

I got to boot a Neoware Capio 620 which I reprogrammed the DOM with
etherboot; it works fine.  But, I could not get my main thin clients to
boot.  Half way through the start ups, I get this error:  RAMDISK:  couldn't
find valid RAM disk image starting at 0. Kernel panic-not syncing: VFS:
Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (1,).  These are Pentium III
(either 733 or 566) with S3 Trio3d 2/x video cards.  They worked with Ubuntu
with LTSP a few days ago (I gave this up for K12LTSP).  What is the
difference and what can I do to fix this?

When I get this figured out, I have met all our local goals for a student
network.  Really awesome.


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On Sun, 7 May 2006, Eric Harrison wrote:

> On Sun, 7 May 2006 dackerman at apnts.org wrote:
>> In addition to my earlier question about bandwidth, I have been searching

>> the
>> internet for hours with no clear answers about the following.  How can I 
>> enable
>> Dansguardian and Squidguard on 5.0 beta 5?

Keep in mind this is all in beta, it may not work as advertised ;-)

I added a new DansGuardian package to the 5.0 beta repositories, you
can install it with:

 	yum install DansGuardian

Once installed, make sure you have squid and dansguardian turned on and

 	/sbin/service squid restart
     /sbin/service dansguardian restart
     /sbin/chkconfig squid on
     /sbin/chkconfig dansguardian on

There is a new service, transparent-proxying-dg, that does the transparent
proxying magic for Dans Guardian:

 	/sbin/serivce transparent-proxying-dg start
     /sbin/chkconfig transparent-proxying-dg on

This version of DansGuardian also uses the squidGuard blacklists and 
automatically updates itself from the K12LTSP blacklists every night.

The blacklists for DansGuardian are in /var/blacklists/ This is 
kept seperate from the squidGuard blacklists (/var/squidGuard/blacklists)
because DansGuardian needs the lists to be randomly sorted. You can add
sites to block/unblock by editing /var/blacklists/local-block/* and
/var/blacklists/local-ok/* and running /etc/cron.daily/dansguardian

If you run into difficulties, especially getting transparent proxying
to work, be sure to read the K12LTSP wiki page on integrating a web
filter into your network:



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