[K12OSN] fusermount error on CRC error

Angus Carr acarr at saskforestcentre.ca
Mon May 8 10:40:11 UTC 2006

I had a problem with a CD-RW on an older client drive- I tried to read a 
file, and it failed. Then the drive stopped responding to the system. I 
popped over to a screen VC, and got a CRC error report on the console.

I put the disc into a drive on a non-terminal machine, and the file got 
a CRC error too, which rules out the hardware, I suppose. But this other 
machine (a windows machine) was still able to read the disc after the 
CRC error.

I suspect the fusermount program is ok, as it can still read other media 
on the same terminal. The problem is most likely with the program doing 
the local reading ( I think, anyway).

Just another bug report, I don't know what to do, but I would like to 
recover more gracefully.

Any thoughts?
Angus Carr.

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