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Vern Ceder vceder at canterburyschool.org
Mon May 8 20:41:21 UTC 2006

The RHEL version of the official SmartTech software also installs on 
Ubuntu Breezy and Dapper, whereas the generic version does not (due to a 
hard coded dependency on an old library). The generic version did 
install on Ubuntu Hoary, as I recall.

I would be very interested (to the point of paying actual $$) in a FOSS 
driver that makes the SmartBoard appear as a tablet or touch pad to X11. 
Anyone have any ideas on that? I've tried to get their Windows SDK out 
of SmartTech for several months now, but they don't answer emails on the 


Barry Cisna wrote:
> Hi John,
> In regards to your Smart Board question, I tried two years ago to get
> the Smart Board software to work on Linux/K12LTSP, & to make a long
> story short it never did work:(. I even done a default install of an old
> Linux Mandrake version that the Smart Technology software was suppose to
> support. Again, long story short, it did not work either. Lots of hours
> spent trying and re-trying, still no joy. I even tried running the
> Windows version via Wine, and got close but no go.The problem seems to
> be with all of the tray icon stuff for SB software is what is the killer
> from what i can gather.
> If you are running K12LTSP v4.1.1 the RHEL version of the linux software
> at Smart Technolgy's site will install. Don't know why that is? The
> version specified for just plain old linux will not uncompress due to it
> is an Java compressed bin file and dies while trying to decompress it. I
> tried soft linking ,unlinking, relinking,,,yada yada.
> If you have any success please post it here.
> Take Care,
> Barry Cisna
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