[K12OSN] Stopping web messenger

Alan A Hodson ahodson at elp.rr.com
Sun May 14 03:08:39 UTC 2006

I overheard a lively discussion about trying to block all the proxy 
sites that network gurus are having to deal with... I am sure glad 
it's not my job... I am not sure if IPCop and/or Dansguardian are 
providing the right corks for this overflowing dam...
Good luck

>I've got an IPCop box that all of my students pass through to get to 
>internet and have been using the Dansgardian plugin for years.  My 
>Principal came to me a few days ago and asked why I've openned up 
>msn web messenger to the students.  This had been blocked for some 
>time by using the editable phrase, url, and site lists.  Now, 
>several problematic students have figured out how to get msn web 
>messenger running on their clients again...  I've looked at their 
>history files and just can't figure out how to stop web messenger 
>and what url they are using to get it going.
>Does anyone here know how to stop webmessenger?
>Thanks,  Jim
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