[K12OSN] Way OT: Track all web activity on my network with logging and report

Tom Ventresco aust_txv at access-k12.org
Fri May 19 15:35:40 UTC 2006

David Trask wrote:

>SME server with the dungog-dansguardian module can already do this. 
>Yes....the dungog module does cost, but it's wicked reasonable and it's
>solely to support  a guy for his "coding" time.  SME server is a CentOS
>server....no GUI...uses a web interface....very slick...
David you already sold me on the SME server 2 years ago, I still use it 
in 2 buildings :)  And I certainly don't mind mixing free and paid for 
software - I prefer it.  I will add SME to the test bench.   I have yet 
to try out the SME 7 CentOS. 
Thank you,
Tom Ventresco

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