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Re: [K12OSN] How to access Gnome-mounted servers?

Alex deVries wrote:
Dan Young wrote:
Peter Scheie wrote:
We put users' public ssh keys onto cat so no password was needed. Then
we just put an icon on the desktop that calls the script. I imagine the
wdfs would work similarly.

How would you handle authentication? Looks like you'd have to pass in a
password either interactively or as an arg to wdfs.

FYI: in afpfs-ng-0.4.1, you don't have to give the password as a
parameter (as this is insecure).  If you use:

afp_client mount -u myusername -p - server:volume /mountpoint

It will prompt you for your password.

I'm concentrating on getting a gnome-vfs2 implementation for afpfs-ng
so that it will all be seamlessly integrated into nautilus.

- Alex

Is passing it as a parameter really less secure than having afp_client prompt for the password? Where is the vulnerability? In our case we have a script that the users call that pops up a GUI prompt for the PW and then the script passes the PW as a parameter. From a security standpoint, is this really any different than letting afp_client prompt for the PW?


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